The ITSKINS manufacturing ethos is driven by three core values: quality, protection and innovation. The standards we aim for are without equal. The methods we use to attain them are as radical as they are uncompromising.


ITSKINS products are a quiet statement of individuality and protection. They do not require garish logos and graphics. Good design speaks for itself.


Passion drives constant innovation. ITSKINS’ forward-thinking approach to case design makes the impossible possible – whether it's injecting carbon or creating a new revolutionary fusion of materials. Even the machinery in our factory is specially engineered to operate at the standards we demand. By pioneering new design, construction methods and technologies, ITSKINS continually redefines the boundaries of smartphone case designs.


All ITSKINS products are manufactured in our new state of the art production plant, in the heart of Asia. Manufacturing is geared towards producing the finest cases possible, regardless of the time, effort and cost involved. Quality and durability are second to none.

It is these intrinsic, lasting qualities that give ITSKINS products their soul, and make them so rewarding to own and to use.


ITSKINS follows no trend but forges its own path in design, development and manufacturing.